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Woman Goes On Facebook Rant About Not Breastfeeding Baby Boys

A woman took to Facebook to rant about her fight to stop breastfeeding baby boys, and now her post has gone viral.

The woman, known only as Hailey in a screenshot of the post, took to the wall of a breastfeeding page on the social media site to spout her controversial views.

“Mothers who breastfeed boy babies need to stop,” the mother writes in the post. “We need to empower more females in this world and by breastfeeding them we’re giving them a good start in life which they deserve over a baby boy which are already physically stronger than baby girls. I have feminist views and am not afraid to admit that.”

Hailey seems to think that her views are feminist, but many people online believe that she’s missing the point entirely. She goes on to say that she plans never to breastfeed a baby boy.

“No boy baby will ever be fed from my breasts if I am fortunate enough to have a son,” the passionate woman continued. “Formula for him and circumcision to take away sexual pleasure from him when he grows up.”

Does this woman make a valid argument? Read the post and decide for yourself.

Sources: If You Only News, 9Gag


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