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Woman Glued to Home Depot Toilet Seat in Prank (Video)

Illyanna De La Keur found herself glued to a Home Depot toilet seat when she went to use the bathroom in the Banks County, Ga. store on Nov. 27.

"I'm a grown woman who can't even sit up," De La Keur told WSB-TV 2. "I was stuck probably over an hour. There was nothing I could do. Nobody came to clean the restrooms. Nobody came to check the restrooms. I was just left there."

Paramedics tried to pull De La Keur off the toilet seat, which resulted in ripped skin and wounds.

"She wasn't in her right state of mind to okay an experiment on her. It worked, but I don't think she should have been there," said De La Keur's sister, Aleera Canino, who recorded the rescue on video (below).

Eventually paramedics used WD-40 to free De La Keur from the toilet seat, but she doesn't understand why she and the toilet seat were not taken to an emergency room.

“I couldn’t understand why they weren’t just taking me to an emergency room and having a doctor remove it,” added De La Keur. “That’s what should have happened.”

“I was like some kind of sports event for [Home Depot employees],” recalled De La Keur. “It was something for them to do on their lunch break. ‘Let’s go look at the girl stuck to the toilet seat.’ It was really embarassing.”

According to, Mary Dean, the Home Depot manager, told police that she found a “brown paper sack” on the bathroom floor with a bottle of Loctite glue inside.

Dean claimed other toilet seats were covered in “what appeared to be some kind of glue.”

Sources: and WSB-TV 2


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