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Mom Gives Birth In Seconds In Hospital Doorway (Video)

A woman in the U.K. gave birth in less than a minute in a hospital doorway as her husband tried to find a place to park (video below).

Jessica Stubbins shared her unlikely birth story on "Good Morning Britain," along with her husband, Tom, their 2-year-old daughter, Penny, and the newborn, Lucy, according to The Sun. Jessica recalled how, arriving at the hospital, she told Tom to drop her off at the door after she felt like she knew that the couple's daughter was ready to arrive.

"I tried to close the door really quick and as I got out, I knew she was on her way," Jessica said. Tom was busy trying to find a place to park while Jessica struggled to make it inside of the hospital. Tom said that Jessica had felt guilty that he wasn't able to be there to see Lucy's birth.

"It was only about a hundred feet away and I still missed it," Tom said.

The couple had already been at Scunthorpe General Hospital earlier in the day, thinking that her labor had started, but she ended up going home, assuming that it had been a false alarm. Around midnight, however, Jessica realized that her daughter was on the way.

Gemma Hoeft, one of the nurses who helped Jessica in the hospital's doorway, described how she was initially leaving for her break when she heard Jessica screaming.

"I could feel [the baby] coming," said Jessica, according to the Mirror, "and she just popped out like a champagne cork."

"Initially, I thought it was a labor room window open and thought someone was just very loud," said Hoeft. "But then I heard footsteps, and I turned around and saw Tom running, so I looked in the entrance and could see Jessica stooped over."

"I thought, 'That girl's not going to make it,' so I ran," she said. "But by the time I made it, Jessica was still stooped over but ... she had little Lucy in her arms."

"It was surreal, like something off a film," Hoeft said.

Sally Parkin, a midwife, then appeared in the doorway with a wheelchair and warm towels to help Jessica inside.

"Jessica was just so calm and relaxed, and Tom was crying and Jessica was saying, 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' while he was telling her it didn't matter," said Pakin. "It was just a lovely experience, she did so well."

Jessica thanked Parkin for her help during the unusual birth. "It was so amazing, you looking after me like you did. It felt like it was more than just a job, it felt really personal."

Sources: Mirror, The Sun, Scunthorpe General Hospital via YouTube / Photo credit: ITV News via The Sun

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