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Woman Gives Birth To Own Brother For Mom

Jacky Edwards, a 47-year-old mother-of-five, s unable have any more children, so her 30-year-old daughter Katherine agreed to be her surrogate and gave birth to her own brother in Gosport, England.

Clinics in the UK told Jacky and her husband Paul, whom she married in 2014, that they had "no chance" of having a baby because Jacky had gone through menopause, reports the Mirror Online.

However, Katherine offered to be her mom's surrogate to "bring some happiness" back into the family since the death of her father in 2010, notes the Daily Mail.

"My eyes just welled up with tears," Jacky recalled. "The fact that she was willing to do this for me and Paul, it stopped my heart completely. It’s a bit Jeremy Kyle, but Paul was jumping for joy. He was like, 'Oh my God, it is going to happen.' And there would be a genetic link with the baby."

The family decided against an IVF treatment, and Katherine used her own egg with her stepfather Paul's sperm.

Katherine and her husband Sam abstained from sex during the conception time so that there would be no question that Paul was the father.

Jacky, a nurse, was too shy to purchase a home insemination kit, so the conception occurred via plastic syringes, according to Katherine:

I’d then use the syringe to sort out the transfer, watching Disney films to blank out the reality of injecting my mum’s husband’s modern-day surrogacy sperm into me. Then I’d stay there for a few hours, chatting with mum about what the baby would be like. We did that 14 times in the space of a week and it was a precious time -- although I was praying I was pregnant so that I didn’t have to do it again.

After Katherine became pregnant, she decided not to become attached to the baby growing inside her, which was technically her brother and her son.

While in the womb, the baby was treated to, or had to endure, Doris Day songs, which were Jacky's choice.

Katherine gave birth to baby Caspian on May 13, 2016.

Jacky recalled the moment her daughter gave birth to her new son:

Caspian was handed straight to me because Katherine didn’t want to bond with him and she wanted me to have those moments. It all fell into place. We are totally over the moon with him. We look at him and pinch ourselves because it seemed impossible that Paul and I would ever be able to have a baby together.

Katherine, who resides with her husband in Holland, recalled giving birth to her brother:

I knew that if I didn’t offer to be mum’s surrogate, she would struggle to find one. The artificial insemination was disgusting … I just thought, "I’m making a baby in a different way," and blocked it out. There were times when I thought, "Have I made a mistake?"

I was told that I was going to feel something for this baby. But when I actually gave birth he was handed straight to my mum. Then I looked over and saw the three of them together and it was amazing. I was at home two hours later, sipping champagne in the bath, while mum took on the role of new mother. Giving Caspian to mum felt so natural.

Jacky plans to tell Caspian about his conception when he is old enough to understand.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Family Art Studio/Flickr

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