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Woman Gives Birth in Plane's Bathroom, Puts Baby in Trash

Police in the Philippines are looking for the woman who apparently gave birth to a baby in an airplane bathroom -- then stuffed the newborn into the trash. A security officer found the baby, who was barely alive but is now doing just fine.

Bags of trash were being removed from a Gulf Air flight Sunday in Manila, when the officer saw something move in one of the bags. He opened it up, and found the baby boy wrapped in tissue paper and covered in blood.

"The baby was left for dead. It was already bluish in color," airport press officer Connie Bungag said. "He could have died in a matter of minutes if he was not found."

The officer rushed the baby to an airport clinic where doctors and nurses cared for him. They also gave him a name -- George Francis, after Gulf Air's code name, GF. 

"He was healthy, his vital signs were OK," nurse Kate Calvo said.

The baby was turned over to child welfare workers.

Now the search is on for the mother. Police are looking for a female passenger whose seat was stained with blood. They got her name off of the manifest.

It appears she is Filipino, leading to speculation that she worked as a housekeeper in Bahrain, where the flight originated. Many Filipino women work in the Middle East to escape the crushing poverty at home.

"If she's a migrant worker, this speaks of the ordeal our overseas workers go through," Social Welfare Secretary Corazon Soliman said.

"Our main priority is the welfare of the mother and baby," Gulf Air said in an e-mail. "We are currently working with the local authorities in the Philippines to help them locate his mother as soon as possible."


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