Woman Gives Birth To Massive Baby


An Australian mother has captured national attention after reportedly giving birth to a baby weighing nearly 13 pounds on April 30.

Breanna Sykes was forced to undergo a cesarean section to give birth to what many are calling the heaviest baby to be born in Western Australia, the Daily Mail reports.

"One of the doctors said to me he's the biggest baby he has seen in his 15 years as a doctor," Sykes said of her baby, Ziad.

The average weight of a newborn baby is about 7 pounds, which makes Sykes’ child nearly twice the standard size.

Luckily, doctors said Ziad is perfectly healthy, and his size may just be the product of genetics rather than an abnormality.

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Doctors expected the child to be born at only 9 pounds instead of nearly 13. They were not preparing for a cesarean section but the pain forced Sykes into an anxiety attack, so they had no choice.

"They said he is just not going to fit, if I try and push the baby he could break my pelvis so I had to get a cesarean unfortunately," Sykes said. "But he’s here safe and happy…that’s all that matters."

"He's just so chunky, beautiful, very chubby, cuddly and sleepy," she added.

Both the mother and Ziad are still in the hospital and are due to be released May 3.

He is not the only heavy newborn baby to capture international attention.

In 2015, the Huffington Post at least four newborn babies who weighed in at about 13 pounds or over from around the world.

India’s biggest baby was born in November 2015 to mother Firdous Khatun. The child entered the world already weighing nearly 15 pounds.

"He is a miracle baby," Anjana Gupta, the doctor who delivered the child, said, according to the Huffington Post. "In my 21 years of experience, I had never seen a newborn as big as him. We could not believe how, despite his big size, he smoothly came out. Though his shoulders got stuck for few seconds, within three minutes he was in my hands. He was so big that he did not fit in my hands. He is a beautiful baby."

Sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post (2) / Photo Credit: 7 News via Daily Mail

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