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Woman Gives Birth Immediately After Recognizing Pregnancy

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A Connecticut mother with a newborn baby boy had no idea she was pregnant until she entered the hospital on Tuesday. 

The woman, Jennifer Scollin, told WAFB9 that she initially went to the hospital because she thought she was having a gall bladder attack. Instead, she ended up giving birth to a healthy 9-pound, 3-ounce child, now named Cole Dillman. 

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Matthew Dillman, the child’s father. "It’s amazing. Thank God they’re both all right, both healthy."

Cole is Scollin and Dillman’s second child. Despite giving birth to her daughter four years ago, Scollin claimed that she didn’t notice any signs of her future son’s presence throughout the preceding nine months.

“It was nothing comparable to how I was with [my daughter],” Scollin said. "I mean I could see my belly move and her fit and her foot. This time I didn’t even think I had an enormous belly. I mean, obviously I didn’t." 

It wasn’t until Scollin’s water broke in the couple’s home that she realized she was actually pregnant. 

Although it seems unlikely, there are several documented cases of women giving birth soon after recognizing a pregnancy. CNN reported about two such cases in 2012, covering two women who entered the hospital for other symptoms but emerged after giving birth.

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