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Woman Gives Birth To First Child One Hour After Learning She Was Pregnant (Video)

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A Massachusetts woman who arrived at a hospital with stomach pains learned she was in labor.

Judy Brown, 47, had severe abdominal pains when she went to Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts on Nov. 4, according to reports. 

"[The doctors said], 'It's good news there's no blockage, you are pregnant and you are going to have her now!'" Judy told WCVB News.

Judy noticed that she had gained some weight in her abdominal area over the past year, but she attributed the bulge to menopause. Her husband, Jason Brown, noticed that something was indeed different about this particular weight gain.

"This isn't regular gaining weight," Jason explained to WCVB. "When you gain weight, it's flab and soft. It was hard. We were like, it's just kind of weird. But we didn't think anything of it."

"I felt like I was turning into my mother," Judy said.

According to The Salem News, aside from the weight gain, she noticed no other signs that she could be pregnant, such as food cravings or morning sickness.

The first-time parents welcomed their little girl into the world about an hour after learning they were expecting. The newborn, named Carolyn Rose, is already "daddy's little girl," Judy told WCVB.

"Now I have a new purpose in life," Jason told The Salem News. "I'm already a big kid myself, so now I have one to be with."

"I feel like I am still going to wake up in the emergency room and say: 'Hey, this is only a dream. It felt so real,'" Jason told WCVB News.

Although Jason loves his little girl, he said that one child is enough for his family.

"I will probably get [a vasectomy] done before that even becomes a thought," he told WCVB News. "She is going to be the only child."

The couple has been married 22 years. Children were never high on their priority list.

However, now that Carolyn Rose has entered the world, "I wouldn't have it any other way," Jason told The Salem News.

Sources: WCVB News, The Salem News / Photo credit: WCVB News


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