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Woman Gets Pregnant After Popular 'Teatox' Diet Stops Pill From Working

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A woman in England was shocked to discover that she was pregnant, despite taking the pill, after a tea detox diet caused the pill to stop working effectively.

Naomi Salt, a 26-year-old saleswoman from Rochdale, England, began drinking Bootea — known as the “teatox” diet — shortly after Christmas of last year, and later discovered she was pregnant.

“I am over the moon now, but I was shocked and worried at first to say the least," she said. “I am regimental about taking my pill and my first reaction was ‘how has this happened?’ I’m 26 years old, I’ve got a career and I’m saving for a mortgage. Having a baby was on the cards, but not just now or even this year.”

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Salt realized that the unexpected pregnancy might have been due to the Bootea diet after a friend came upon a warning on the diet’s website. The “Frequently Asked Questions” section of the site advises dieters who use the pill to also use condoms while taking Bootea, which reportedly has the ability to block the pill from being absorbed into the bloodstream.

Despite the online warning, Salt said the company should go further to ensure that dieters know the risks it poses to women taking the pill.

“It is irresponsible, they’ve got a duty of care to young women like myself,” she said. "Bootea assumes people check the website but not everyone will.” There is apparently no warning on the packaging. 

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Other women have come forward with similar stories as Salt, writing on an online forum that women need to be aware of the risks involved.

“At first it was great,” one woman wrote. "I lost half a stone in two weeks! That great feeling didn’t last long. I’m now eight weeks’ pregnant with our third child, and after four weeks of shock it has finally sunk in and I have accepted this.” 

“After having my little girl in 2014 I wanted to lose weight for the summer,” another wrote. “I started Bootea and really liked it, I could see results and it tasted nice. Then I missed my period and thought it was strange as I was on the Pill. Now me and my hubby have a 13-month-old and I’m two months pregnant.”

The company has not responded to the controversy surrounding the lack of warning on their product.

Sources: Daily Mail, Inquisitr

Photo Credit:  Daily MailInquisitr


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