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Woman Gang Raped in Lawyer's Office While Getting Divorce

Despite mass protests against gang rape in India (pictured), the crime continues to make headlines in the country (video below).

An unidentified woman was allegedly raped by four men, including her estranged husband, inside a lawyer's office, police said on Tuesday.

According to, the victim claimed that the gang rape happened in a lawyer's office located inside a court complex in Patiala, India.

The woman said that her husband's lawyer called her to the court on pretext of settling her divorce. She claimed that her husband and sister-in-law took her to the office, where she was then raped by the lawyer, his assistant, her husband and her brother-in-law.

Just a few days ago, a Swiss tourist claimed that she was gang raped in Jhadia, India, reports The couple was camping 250 miles north of capital city Bhopal late Friday night, when they were reportedly attacked by a gang of eight to 10 men (video below).

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