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Woman Finds Out She Has A Parasite In Her Brain After Eating Live Frogs As A Child

A Chinese woman suffering from horrific headaches for six years was rushed to the hospital after keeling over at work. Doctors found a worm living in her brain, which she reportedly acquired from eating live frogs when she was a child.

Reports say 29-year-old Yin Meng was at work when she had to be rushed to the hospital because her headaches, which had been going on for six years, had become unbearable. Upon arriving at the hospital, doctors discovered a worm living in her brain. Despite finding the problem, the doctors weren’t sure what exactly the parasite was or how to remove it, so they sent her home.

Meng started taking medication, but not long after coming home from the hospital, she collapsed again.

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“I was getting increasingly worried about her as her fits and seizures were getting worse — and so too were her headaches,” Meng’s boyfriend Shan Tu, 30, recalled. “So when she collapsed again, that was the last straw.”

Doctors decided to operate on her, despite the high risk. During the procedure, they removed a large worm from her brain. The worm was approximately 3 inches long.

“The woman was found to be suffering from a parasitic infection called Sparaganosis which had been growing inside her for years,” a hospital statement said. “It was attacking her nervous system. She said that when she was a child, around 5 years old, she used to catch and eat the live frogs with her grandmother, which must be how she contracted the parasitic infection. She said she could remember the feeling of the frog 'jumping' as it went down her throat. The damage to her nervous system is quite extensive but we hope we can prevent it from being permanent as the brain has an amazing capacity to heal itself.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror

Photo Sources: Supplied Images via Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror


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