A Kansas woman was horrified when she discovered a needle inside of her son’s Reese’s Pumpkin candy bar.

Tamara Powell says she went to the store and purchased three of the chocolate peanut butter candy bars that are shaped like pumpkins, and to her horror, when she decided to take the first bite of one, she bit right into a needle.

“Luckily, it didn't stab me in my mouth. I caught it in my teeth,” said Powell. “In the corner, you can see a little hole in it where it was pushed through. When the police officer looked, he said it could be possibly where it was pushed through.”

Police are now investigating after determining that the needle was clearly placed there intentionally, and they have the candy, the wrapper and the needle in their possession.

“They are going to look at the video and hopefully find somebody,” Powell said. “It is just a crazy thing that happened. It is terrifying ... because it was in there. You don't know what was on that needle. You don't know how it got in there. You don't know nothing, and it has been in your mouth.”

If police are able to determine the identity of the person responsible, that individual could be charged with assault. The family doesn’t plan to file a lawsuit, but they are making sure that the candy is removed from the local store where it was originally purchased.

Source: The Blaze, CBS 46


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