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Woman Finds Live Worms In Her Fish (Video)

Jen Chafitz was planning on preparing a salmon fillet for dinner on June 28, and bought the fish at a Fry’s Grocery store in Glendale, Arizona. Then, she noticed some wriggling worms in poking out of the fillet and captured a video (below).

“Getting ready to do my food prep … found these little worms underneath the packaging,” Chafitz said in the video, which she posted to Facebook.

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Chafitz told ABC15 she could see its “head was sticking out of the fish.” She added, "Standing there I felt like something was crawling on me, it was really gross.”

Her husband, Dustin, was equally stunned. "I just couldn't wrap my mind around what I was seeing," he said.

Fiona Baird, lecturer and academic advisor on molecular and cell biology at the College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences told BuzzFeed, “That worm coming out of the fish probably was Anisakis simplex.”

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Baird warned that eating the worms alive could cause diarrhea and vomiting. Though the parasite is common, it usually isn’t found in fillets when the fish has been properly gutted and cleaned. “The worms become more active once they warm up; however if you cook your fish thoroughly you won’t get sick from consuming them,” she said.

A Fry’s representative said it gave the family a refund. Chafitz said she won’t eat fish or chicken for a while.

Sources: ABC15, BuzzFeed

Image via YouTube


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