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NYC Woman Finds Vials Of Blood In Target Order

Of the many things you can do to get shiny, healthy hair, Allison Henry, a Target online customer, received something extra in her order of hair care products. What she got, however, probably won’t help her achieve the perfect hairdo. 

Instead of the hair care products she ordered, Henry received vials of blood in a biohazard specimen kit alongside a PlayStation game with an apt title.

"What a coincidence, a CD named 'Old Blood' and there's blood in the box," Henry told WABC. "Just don't get it. Everyone I speak to about this does not believe me. They're like, 'blood?'"

Henry got in touch with UPS, Target and the lab identified on the packaging, WPVI reported. No one could explain the package until reporters got involved and traced the blood back to Kelly Mikhalik, who was submitting the blood for a Lyme disease test at a lab near Trenton, New Jersey. Instead, the package wound up in Henry’s mailbox in Bronx, New York.

It turns out the blood vials and Henry’s Target order were shipped via UPS and crossed paths at a sorting facility in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

UPS is looking into the mix-up.

"I don't know if the box is open or someone at the warehouse is playing games and they did this," Henry said.

"Maybe it got broken open by accident and they just stuck it in another box," Mikhalik suggested.

The women are still waiting for an answer.

Sources: WABC, WPVI

 Photo credit: Screenshot via WABC


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