Transgender Woman Hopes To Remove Cement From Face


A transgender woman was due to appear May 10 on the E! network's cosmetic surgery reality show, "Botched," in a bid to remove the cement that was injected into her face more than a decade ago (video below).

Rajee Narinesingh had the injections done in 2005 to make her face look more feminine, according to Daily Mail.

The doctor who carried them out, O’Neal Ron Morris, was nicknamed "toxic tush" for using things like super glue and mineral oil to conduct illegal plastic surgeries.

Narinesingh appeared on the show in 2015, but surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif turned her away because they felt surgery could leave her face in a worse state than doing nothing.

“The day we graduate medical school we say, ‘Doctor do no harm.’ Rajee has never been offered a surgical solution because the risks outweigh the potential benefits,” Dubrow says during a preview clip of the program, according to the Daily Mail.

“I have to make sure my plan is a conservative one, it's a smart one and it doesn't take any undo careless risks with Rajee's face,” Dubrow adds.

Narinesingh’s face has remained unnaturally hard, even with treatments she received in 2012, including laser therapy. But she has still has her sense of humor.

“I'm going to be double teamed ... by doctors at that! I've come a long way baby,” she jokes when she learns that both doctors will examine her at once.

Season 3 of "Botched" will focus on patients who Dubrow and Nassif previously turned away.

“Some of those who chose to ignore our advice actually now have disasters. Real, significant disasters,” Dubrow told People magazine. “You're going to see people we turned down, went elsewhere and they're back and they are really disabled.”

What the plan entails for Narinesingh will become clear on May 10, when "Botched" premieres.

“Based on new experiences, we have redefined what is impossible,” Dubrow added. “And we devised a plan that was out-of-the-box thinking that we thought might help her, and much to our great risk and potentially hers, we formulated a plan. She agreed on it.”

Nassif takes a similar view in the preview clip.

“Last year surgery wasn't an option. Now? Terry may be on to something,” he says, according to Daily Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail, People / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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