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Woman Falls While Out Partying With Friends, Discovers She Has Bone Cancer


A woman from England discovered she had bone cancer after a night of drinking with her friends prompted her to visit her doctor.

Claire Burgess, 25, had been out partying with her friends when she fell on her back. She was in a lot of pain from the fall and decided to visit her doctor a few weeks later.

Speaking to reporters she said, “I have no doubt that my night out with friends saved my life. I remember falling on the floor and my friends saying ‘come on Claire get up.’”

She continued, “But I just couldn’t move, the pain was unbearable and I needed help to finally get back on my feet.”

At first, medical professionals thought she only had nerve damage. When doctors discovered that one of her legs was entirely numb, they ordered an MRI scan, reports the Mirror.

The scan showed she had a tumor on her pelvis. She was later diagnosed with stage four Ewing’s sarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer.

Doctors started her on chemotherapy, but after the tumor failed to shrink, she went on a stem-cell drug trial. Although the procedure left her infertile, it shrank the tumor and she has been cancer-free for nearly five years.

"I was just 20 years old when I was diagnosed with stage four Ewing's sarcoma of the pelvis bone cancer,” she said. “I was given a 40 percent chance of survival.”

She is now preparing for her wedding and looking into adoption. She met her fiance James Murray, 28, when she went into remission.

"It was amazing when I met James,” she said. “I told him about my diagnosis and he was so supportive. We are getting married next month and plan to adopt a child next year so we can complete our family.”

She added, "I have routine scans every three months to check my cancer hasn't returned but I'm getting close to five years cancer free so that'll be a huge weight off my shoulders when I hit that milestone."

According to chief executive Julie Harrington of the Bone Cancer Research Trust, “Patients know their own bodies better than anyone — if you’re experiencing bone pain or any swelling, please do not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your GP to help them rule out the possibility of primary bone cancer.”

Source: Mirror,

Photo Credit: Claire Burgess via Mirror


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