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Woman With Ear Pain Finds Maggot In Her Ear

A Taiwanese woman went to the doctor recently after suffering from terrible ear pain. But instead of being diagnosed with an ear infection or another common ear ailment, doctors gave the woman some gross (that's an understatement) news. She had a maggot in her ear.

While viewing the woman’s ear canal with a scope, doctors found a live fruit fly larva crawling around. Doctors say the larva likely came from the woman’s home and been in her ear for at least a day. The maggot was eroding the wall off the woman’s ear canal.

Doctors safely removed the larva and prescribed the woman antibiotics. According to the physician who removed the maggot, finding larva in ears is not uncommon since the ear canal  often offers a warmer environment than surrounding air. 

“Most cases of animals in the ear canal are the flying objects and cockroaches,” said Dr. Cheng-Ping. “The fruit fly larva in ear canal is relatively unusual.”

If you don’t plan on eating for the next few years, check out this video of the larva crawling around the woman’s ear:

Sources: Mail Online, NBC


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