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Woman Dresses as Fake Nurse to Steal Patients' Medication in Seattle Hospital (Video)

A woman dressed as nurse recently stole pain medication from several patients at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington (video below).

Seattle Police Detective Jeff Kappel said the unidentified woman dressed in a nurse's shoes and scrubs, reports theAssociated Press.

According to Kappel, one patient saw the woman in his room looking around a machine that gives him his pain medication drip.

Later, a real nurse found the line from his machine had been cut and was leaking pain medication on the floor.

The fake nurse walked into another patient's room and pretended to check a medication machine. After she left, a relative of the patient saw that the machine's lines had been cut.

Both incidents happened on April 13, but police were not called until April 17.

The Swedish Medical Center hospital said in a statement that no patients were harmed.

Source: Associated Press and ABC News


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