Woman Unaware She's Pregnant, Gives Birth


A mother of two children was unaware she was pregnant when she gave birth to a baby girl on a Massachusetts sidewalk on June 12.

Christine Harvey was waiting for a friend to pick her up and take her to the hospital after experiencing severe abdominal pain when she went into labor on a street in Malden, Massachusetts, reports WCVB.

Neighbors who saw the incident unfold called 911, but Harvey gave birth to a healthy 6-pound, 6-ounce baby girl before first responders arrived.

"I thought it was her daughter’s doll," one surprised neighbor said. "No, it’s a baby, a baby."

Harvey's boyfriend, Doug Rogers, was even more shocked.

"She was holding something really small and there was a lot of blood," Rogers said. "I held her. I was like 'Huh?' But she’s gorgeous."

"I’m just blessed right now," he added.

Neighbors have since pitched in to help the parents, who were completely unprepared for the baby.

Social media users were just as stunned to hear the news as Rogers.

"What a shock!" wrote one Daily Mail reader. "How could she not have noticed especially after having two other kids? best of luck, anyhow!"

"It's funny how different people carry their babies," commented another. "One of my sisters looked like she was going to give birth to a dining table while one of my friends stayed skinny to the end and looked like she'd just eaten a big dinner."

Yet some condemned the mother for not knowing she was pregnant. Some found it hard to believe, especially after Harvey had two children already

"How oblivious to life do you have to be to not know you are pregnant?" wrote one man on USA Today's website. "I dont care if you are fat, you have to know. Maybe its a psychological thing that they are in total denial, or maybe they just lie. Either way they should have the kid taken away because they will be a horrible mother if they are that oblivious."

"She has nothing to be proud about, and I pity the baby and the kids in that family for having dumb as rocks for parents," wrote one woman. "She's had children. How did she get through a pregnancy without realizing she's missing her monthly cycle? Ah, ignorance is bliss, so the saying goes. Or sticking one's head someplace."

Some, however, defended Harvey.

"I love that it is all men here trying to pretend they might have the slightest idea what being pregnant is like," shot back one.

"Not all women stop menstruating during pregnancy," added another. "Talk about ignorance!"

Sources: WCVB, Daily Mail, USA Today / Photo credit: Visual Hunt

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