Woman Doesn't Know She's Pregnant, Gives Birth On Airplane


A woman on a flight to Tokyo from Canada gave birth on the airplane, without even knowing she was pregnant.

Ada Guan, a 23-year-old British Columbia woman, was on an Air Canada flight from Calgary on May 9 when she started experiencing abdominal pains. The crew moved her to first class and had a doctor who was on the flight examine her, and it was then she discovered she was pregnant.

With her boyfriend, Wesley Branch, at her side and assistance from the flight attendants, Guan gave birth to a baby girl 35,000 feet above Russia.

“This happened completely unexpectedly,” Branch said. Branch’s mother, Sandra, said she received a surprise call her son on Mother’s Day to let her know she had just become a grandmother.

“I said, 'What, how could this happen? She wasn't pregnant!'" Sandra Branch said. “Well, it turns out she was."

Guan and her newborn, Chloe, were taken to a hospital upon arrival in Tokyo, and are both healthy. Doctors reportedly estimated Chloe to be at 37 weeks when she was born. Despite being born in Russian airspace, officials said Chloe would be a Canadian citizen because she was born to Canadian parents.

Sources: CTV News, CBC

Photo Credit: Facebook via CBC


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