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Woman Discovers What's Causing The Small Bumps On Her Body, Faces A Tough Decision

A Texas woman, who was repeatedly told by doctors she only had a short time left to live after she found two pea-sized bumps on her body, beat the odds through a clinical trial and is now living cancer-free.

In April 2014, Kimberly Hinshaw felt a small bump on her leg that she says she probably never would have noticed if she hadn’t been applying lotion. Shortly after finding the first, a second bump appeared on her upper left arm.

Hinshaw told CBS Dallas Fort Worth that although they didn’t hurt, the small bump on her thigh further caught her attention when she found it to be noticeably larger a few days later. Upon finding the second bump similar to the first, Hinshaw says “Then, I knew something was dramatically wrong.”

Doctors diagnosed her with stage 4 metastatic melanoma, meaning the cancer had spread. Hinshaw was told she had three weeks to live, and would be lucky to make it to Christmas. After following up with other doctors, she says a full half dozen additional opinions suggested the same and that she begin to get her affairs in order, reported CBS.

Although she told CBS that after a trip with friends to an island getaway she felt relaxed and prepared for what lay ahead, Hinshaw refused to stop fighting.

At the Mary Crowley Cancer Center at Medical City Dallas Hospital, Hinshaw decided to participate in what was described as a ‘promising’ clinical trial. Here, she met the doctor who would give her a cure.

“He said, ‘Hi — I’m Dr. John... and I’m here to save your life’,” Hinshaw recalls the center’s medical director, John Nemunaitis, M.D., telling her.

Nemunaitis recommended an immune-based therapy still in clinical trials, called T-VEC. The treatment involved injections twice a month for 28 weeks. CBS reported that through the treatment, without getting sick or losing her hair, Hinshaw was cured.

Scans currently show no cancer in her body, reports LiftBump, but a surgical biopsy is planned to confirm that the treatment was fully effective.

“I do feel like I’m a walking miracle, I do. I feel like I’m alive to tell this story — that there is hope for people who can live with cancer.”

Hinshaw posted to Facebook, proudly stating she worked alongside doctors to get the treatment that cured her approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Source: LiftBumpCBS DFW

Photo Credit: Facebook via LiftBump


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