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Woman Discovers She's Eight Months Pregnant

Abby Wake of Los Angeles, California, is preparing for the birth of her first child. However, unlike most mothers, she doesn’t have nine months to get ready; Wake recently discovered she was eight months pregnant. 

Jarryd Gorman, Wake’s boyfriend, suspected something was amiss when he put his hand on Wake’s stomach at a concert. “I felt the baby kick and I looked at her and said, ‘I think you’re definitely pregnant,’” he told CBS Los Angeles. “We need to go see someone straight away.”

The couple visited obstetrician-gynecologist Payman Joseph, who discovered she was 32 weeks pregnant. Wake didn’t notice she was pregnant and said her menstrual cycle has always been irregular. She gained weight, but thought it was because she’s lactose intolerant.

"...[I]t wasn’t distinct,” she said. "There weren’t like kicks and huge movements. It was just like gurgles.” 

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Joseph said that while her case is unique, undetected pregnancies are not uncommon.

“She’s very thin compared to a lot of the other women that I’ve seen this in,” he said.

The couple is focused on building a nursery and keeping Gorman in the United States — he's an Australian and his visa is set to expire in May. They’ve also started an online fundraiser to help them prepare for the baby.

The baby, named Isaiah, is due in two months.

Sources: GoFundMe, CBS Los Angeles

Photo Sources: Image via GoFundMe


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