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Doctors Mistake Woman's Swollen Stomach For Pregnancy, What She Had Was Much Worse

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A woman in the U.K. was shocked to discover that she had a massive tumor in her ovaries after her swollen stomach had doctors insisting that she was pregnant.

Louise Bryant, 26, said she began to experience abnormal bleeding in March of last year, and her stomach soon began to swell. She took several pregnancy tests, yet they all came back negative, Daily Mirror reports.

“I knew I wasn't pregnant but I did a test ahead of my appointment simply to rule it out,” she said, according to the Daily Mirror.

“Still, the doctors kept asking me to take more tests, because they were confused by the bloating," she added. "In the end I did seven tests in total, some at home and some at my appointments. I'd then started to get pain in my back, I was going to the toilet more often and I'd lost my appetite.”

For months, doctors were baffled by the cause of Bryant’s severe symptoms and were particularly insistent that she was pregnant. A skeptical doctor later told her that he believed there was “definitely something in there” and sent her for tests, according to Bryant.

In May, an ultrasound finally revealed what appeared to be a 3-inch cyst in her right ovary. A second scan, however, showed that the supposed cyst was much more serious than it originally seemed to be.

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“The second scan changed everything,” Bryant said, according to the Daily Mail.

“The doctor told me it was actually a tumor and it was much larger, so they needed to operate," she added. "They said it was 15-20cm - the size of a football.

"In the scans you could see it was taking up my whole stomach and pressing against my organs, which was causing me pain.”

Doctors subsequently performed surgery to remove the tumor, and it was later discovered that she had a rare form of ovarian cancer. 

The operation was a success, and Bryant now regularly undergoes scans and checkups. She’s now focusing on a future family with her husband, Ben.

“Hopefully the next pregnancy test I do will be a positive one,” she said.

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Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: TipsTimesAdmin/Flickr, Tatiana Vdb/Flickr


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