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Woman Dies After Parasites Eat Her Kidney, Attack Bladder

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An elderly woman died after a worm ate her kidney and another crawled inside her bladder.

Hana Foldynova, 76, was hospitalized after complaining of severe abdominal pain, which led to her family doctor discovering blood in her urine. After being admitted, doctors at the hospital in Krnov, Czech Republic, decided to operate on Foldynova.

After originally discovering what they thought was a blood clot, doctors realized that a 3.9-inch worm had made its way into the woman’s kidney. Another worm was found inside her bladder.

“When patients have blood in their urine, it is usually caused by some kidney stone, inflammation or cancer. But this was very surprising for us,” urologist Dr. Jan Pulcer said.

The kidney worm, which is allegedly rare in humans, can live in a kidney for up to five years. It's more common in dogs. If left untreated for too long, it can “destroy” the kidney, noted Mirror Online.

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Although the worms were removed, Foldynova’s kidney was reportedly badly damaged and she died following the surgery. Doctors believe the worms entered her body through undercooked fish, which is the most common way this type of parasite makes its way into someone’s body.

“Her family have said that she liked local seafood,” Pulcer said. “We assume that she was infected after she had eaten badly cooked fish.”

Source: Mirror Online / Photo Credit: Central European News via


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