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Woman Dies After Butt Implant Surgery

Katherine Castano Orozco, a 30-year-old mother from Cali, Colombia, wanted a bigger backside, so she sought surgery to place silicone implants into her derriere. 

Just 20 days after she underwent surgery, she died from thrombophlebitis, a condition which can develop after surgery causing blood clots to block off veins - restricting blood flow, Fox News reported.

Orozco had apparently been bleeding through the healing process, but her condition had worsened by the time her family realized something was wrong.

Orozco was the fifth woman in Cali to die after undergoing surgery this year, Mirror reported. 

"It is a crazy thing, people are worried about their beauty and are sacrificing their health for cosmetic changes,” said the secretary of Municipal Health, Fernando Gutierrez.

"It has underlined the urgent need to make sure we know who it is that is providing these cosmetic operations and to make sure they are registered. The Secretariat has so far only registered 340 service providers of such services.”

It’s unclear if Orozco received her surgery from a registered cosmetic surgeon.

Sources: Fox News, Mirror Photo credit: Supplied via Mirror


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