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NYPD: Woman Dies After Getting Illegal Butt Enhancement From Fake Doctor

A Maryland woman died after receiving butt enhancement injections in a New York City basement by an unlicensed doctor who fled the scene.

Kelly Mayhew, 34, was driving with her mother to Far Rockaway, Queens from Maryland Saturday afternoon. She was looking to have a butt lift, but the procedure quickly went awry, the NY Daily News reported.

Mayhew and her mother arrived at the basement apartment at about 5 p.m. After the phony doctor injected silicone into the woman’s body, Mayhew started gurgling and struggling to breathe.

The quick-thinking mother sprang into action and began performing CPR on her daughter. She demanded the doctor call 911, but the doctor instead grabbed her car keys, ran out of the house, and fled the scene in a gray SUV, according to sources.

The mother called 911 herself and by the time police arrived, paramedics were already at the scene performing CPR on Mayhew, according to the NY Daily News. She was taken to St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, where she later died.

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Detectives are now searching for the unidentified suspect. An initial autopsy was inconclusive.

“Following the examination, we are doing additional studies and also await the police investigation,” said Julie Bolcer, spokeswoman for the city medical examiner’s office.

Friends and family were in disbelief when they heard the news of Mayhew’s death, the NY Daily News reports.

“I was in complete shock when I heard about how the lady died,” said 45-year-old Judith Johnson, a woman who lived on the same street as where the fatal butt enhancement procedure took place. “I had no idea something like that was going on.”

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Family friend Kem Harris described Mayhew as someone who “brought life to everybody.”

“Her death just came out of nowhere,” Harris told the NY Daily News.

The victim’s mother told police that her daughter was healthy and had five previous butt enhancements. She learned about the phony doctor from a friend who set up the appointment.

The mother said she tried calling the friend but couldn’t reach her. The friend also deleted all of her social media accounts following the fatal procedure.

Mayhew was a freelancer for the BET Network.

“Our heart goes out to her family and we extend our deepest sympathies for their loss,” BET spokesman Jamie Owens said in a statement.

Sources say the suspect did not reside in the basement apartment. The owner of the three-story home told the NY Daily News that the tenant who lives in the basement was going through a “financial hardship.”

“I suspected something was going on but I didn’t know what it was,” said the owner, who wished not to be identified.

Sources: NY Daily News, NBC 4 New York

Photo Credit: Facebook via NY Daily News


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