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Oklahoma Woman Discovers She Has Life-Threatening Brain Tumor The Same Day She Loses Her Health Insurance

An Oklahoma woman says she was diagnosed with a brain tumor the same day she lost her health insurance.

Laci Vaughan, of Midwest, Oklahoma, learned about her condition on her 26th birthday back in April, KFOR reported.

Doctors initially thought the tumor could be harmless, until Vaughan’s symptoms worsened. According to Vaughan's YouCaring page, those symptoms included memory loss, head pressure, massive fatigue and body pain.

“My head pounded with my heart,” Vaughan told KFOR of her reaction to the diagnosis. “My ears were just ringing like crazy and then everything just sounded like I was under water.”

Vaughan said the tumor is blocking her spinal fluid and inflaming all the glands around it.

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“It’s actually causing compression onto my brain stem as well and too much compression onto the brain stem can actually kill you,” she said, adding that a surgeon she found in Los Angeles told her she had 60 to 90 days to live.

But the diagnosis wasn’t the only problem for Vaughan. At age 26, she was no longer eligible to be on her parent’s health insurance. She had also missed the grace period for private insurance and won’t be able to enroll again until Jan. 1.

“My 90 day deadline is on December 23rd, day before Christmas Eve,” Vaughan said.

Vaughan’s friends have started several fundraisers to help raise the $125,000 she needs for surgery. So far, they’ve raised nearly $3,000.

“I don’t want to think about losing her. It’s not a possibility for me. That’s why I’m working so hard at raising this money,” Jessica Eubanks, a friend of Vaughan's, said. “The $3,000 is fantastic, but it’s... we’ve got to push harder.”

Vaughan remains optimistic and said it’s her faith in God that is getting her through each day.

“I know that God’s on my side and so he’s let me know that it’s going to be ok and that he’s got this,” she said.

Click here to visit Vaughan's YouCaring page.

Sources: KFOR, You Caring / Photo Credit: You Caring


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