Woman Reportedly Grows A 'Nose' On Her Back


Eight years after doctors implanted stem cell tissues from her nose into her spine, an American woman experienced a nose-like growth on her back.

The woman received the treatment for paralysis at Hospital de Egas Moniz in Portugal with the hope that stem cells would help cure the nerve damage she experienced in her spine. While she did not have the symptoms initially, she started feeling the growth in her back about a year ago, according to the Daily Mail.

She started experiencing pain in her back and told doctors, who found a nose-like growth that was three centimeters long.

Doctors said that the tissue growing from her back was mostly nasal tissue, but it included small bone particles and had nerves in it, which had latched to the spinal cord.

Mucus-like fluids were also coming out of the growth, said neurosurgeon Brian Dlouhy, who removed the growth surgically.

Though the woman’s case is unfortunate, some researchers say that it is rare.

Most people who receive the treatment and are rehabilitated correctly saw improvement in their conditions, said Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, a Wayne State University stem cell researcher.

“I am saddened to learn of this adverse event, however, the incidence of this problem is less than 1 percent,” she told the New Scientist. “Many patients receiving this treatment have had remarkable recovery.”

Source: Daily Mail


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