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Woman Develops Frostbite at 50 Degrees Due to Rare Condition

A German woman has developed a rare autoimmune disorder which causes her to get frostbite at just 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The woman discovered she had the disorder when she had developed frostbite on her ears, nose, and legs after her heating system went out for a few days.

She had high levels of antibodies called "cold agglutinins," which help the body respond to infection.

If the levels of cold agglutinins are too high, they cause red blood cells to clump together. The clumps block the flow of blood to the fingers, nose, ears and toes. This causes symptoms similar to frostbite.

Doctors removed the skin that was damaged on the woman and put her on drugs that prevent blood clots. She then had plasmapheresis to purify her blood. She now has to stay out of colder temperatures. 

The New England Journal of Medicine published the report of her case on July 4.

Sources: Fox


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