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Irish Woman Goes Through Hell Following Botched Facial Filler Procedure

A 53-year-old woman says the fillers she received in her face nearly killed her, and now, she’s advising anyone thinking about having the procedure to reconsider.

Alex Laird told she was tired of hearing people comment on her “miserable” face for so many years when she made the decision to get cheek implants. Initially, Laird decided to get temporary fillers, but when she decided they didn’t give her the desired look, she decided to go for permanent ones.

“After about two months the implants went down to the size of little teaspoons – you could clearly see the outline,” Laird told Channel 5's "Botched Up Bodies" about the initial temporary fillers.

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(Channel 5, Laird before the surgery)

The 53-year-old went on to explain that despite protests from her family and friends, she was eventually reassured by a surgeon in London that the permanent ones were safe. “[The surgeon] said to me the filler was completely safe, there were no problems with it, he’d even put some in his own wife."

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(Channel 5, Left: Laird after botched surgery, Right: Laird now)

Laird’s family and friends were reportedly shocked by her appearance after receiving the implants, but right away, the Irish woman says she was happy with the way they made her look. That happiness quickly faded, however, when the initial filler treatment migrated and caused her cheekbones to bulge. She decided to go back to the surgeon to get some of the filler removed.

“He squeezed some out, mainly around my temple area,” Laird explained. “I remember thinking that it was like a ticking time-bomb in my face.”

After that correction, however, Laird’s worst nightmare came true. An infection formed in her face, and as she was figuring out how to deal with that, a second infection started.

“The fact it was happening twice – I never expected that,” Laird said. “I really didn’t expect to get another infection so soon and I think it was actually more scary.”

Laird says she was hospitalized immediately, and after the infection was treated, doctors performed a face-lift in order to save her appearance. Now, Laird says she advises anyone thinking about getting the procedure done to reconsider.

“I think permanent filler equals permanent problems,” Laird frankly said. “I wouldn’t advise anyone to have it done.”

Sources:Daily Mail, Metro UK / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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