Woman Has Husband’s Baby 5 Years After His Death


In 2006 Anurita’s husband lost his battle with cancer. They were married five years. Before starting chemotherapy for his blood cancer, the hospital he went to in the UK encouraged him to freeze sperm samples for future use. The chemotherapy would likely destroy any chance he had to have biological children. Sadly, therapies couldn’t help and Michael died.

They met in 2001. She was a civil servant and he was an engineer. “Michael was an amazing person. He loved me so much that I cannot describe it. After his death, I realized that I just could not love another man. I will love him till death. Hence, I want his child so that I can get my Michael back,” Anurita told the Times of India on her first visit to Ahmedabad where she had in vitro fertilization.

On that visit she brought with her a small sample of Michael’s semen, frozen in a container of liquid nitrogen. “Anurita came for a second embryo transplant through IVF in February 2011 as her first cycle had failed. She was shattered at that time,” said Dr. Falguni Bavishi of Bavishi Fertility Centre.

“She had come with two samples which we were split into 10. This is the first time that a young woman who has lost her husband has come to us. In fact after the embryo was transplanted this time, she wanted to go to a church to pray. Her prayers have been answered,” said Dr. Himanshu Bavishi. This year she gave birth to his baby.

Source: The Times of India


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