Woman Defecates in Her Backyard, Neighbors Furious (Video)


An unidentified woman who defecates in her backyard has infuriated neighbors, but police and health inspectors have been unable to stop the feces from piling up.

According to nearby residents, her human waste makes the neighborhood in Centennial, Colo. smell like a toilet (video below).

The woman is believed to be mentally ill, although the rest of her yard and home appears to be normal, notes the Daily Mail.

Arapahoe County Sheriff's Deputies have visited the woman three times this year, but say that defecating in one's own yard isn't illegal.

"When I went over, it was terrible. It smelled like an outhouse," neighbor Jolene Tuckett told KUSA-TV. "I didn't want to go look, but I did. I believe it because I could see it through the fence. We just want it to stop. We just want it to go away and nobody is doing anything."

Another neighbor claimed to have caught 13 rats in the past two weeks. The rodents were apparently drawn by the woman's rotting fecal matter.

The Tri-County Health Department has served the woman with several violation notices and recently filed for a court order to inspect her backyard. Until then, her neighbors will have to hold their noses.

Sources: Daily Mail and KUSA-TV


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