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Mom Gives Birth, Elevator Cuts Her In Half (Photos)

Mom Gives Birth, Elevator Cuts Her In Half (Photos) Promo Image

Only moments after giving birth to her third daughter, a mother in Seville, Spain was cut in half by a hospital's elevator on Aug. 20.

Rocio Cortes Nunez, 26, had just given birth via cesarean section when hospital staff decided to take her to the maternity ward, according to a report from The Sun.

Nunez was on her stretcher when the elevator suddenly moved upwards before she was fully inside, trapping her head.

"They killed her!" Rocio's father reportedly screamed, according to the Telegraph. "My daughter was killed!"

"I went to the information desk," said Carmen Nunez, Rocio's mother. "They told me that a girl had died, and then they confirmed that she was my daughter. What a cruel death she suffered."

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Hospital staff believe Rocio's death was due to a mechanical failure with the automatic lift door.

Witnesses described the incident as "something out of a horror film," Daily Mail reported.

Rocio's newborn daughter was not in the bed with her mother at the time, having been taken to a different hospital for a heart condition after delivery.

One anonymous hospital worker said the baby might have also died in the elevator if not for the heart condition: "If they hadn't taken the baby to another hospital she could have suffered the same fate because they always put newborns on their mother's breast, even when it's been a cesarean."

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An investigation is underway and Rocio's family members are demanding justice.

"I'm a total wreck," said Rocio's husband, Jose Gaspar. "This cannot continue. Today it has been Rocio, but tomorrow it could be another person."

"It’s incredible," added brother-in-law David Gaspar. "We still can’t believe what’s happened. Something has to happen. This cannot go unpunished."

In addition to the newborn Triana, Rocio leaves behind 5-year-old and 4-year-old daughters Rocio and Carmen.

The accident attracted worldwide condemnation.

"I cannot even fathom," wrote one Daily Mail reader in the U.S. "My God. Heaven knows how often those elevators are certified. That hospital now needs to take care of that family of father and 3 baby girls for life. Can you even imagine being cut or tore in half slowly and ruggedly? Not even fast or sharply? It's almost beyond comprehension. I'm so sorry this happened to her. RIP."

"Absolutely horrific," added another in the U.K. "And those poor little girls, how will they ever understand what happened to their mummy? The Chief Exec of the hospital must be held personally responsible."

"Just how negligent can someone be," agreed a reader in Oman. "Not even safe in a hospital."

Sources: The Sun, Telegraph, Daily Mail / Featured Image: Quinn Dombrowki/Flickr / Embedded Images: Facebook via Telegraph

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