Woman Confesses To Lying About Sexual Assault At University Of Hawaii At Hilo, According to Police


A 19-year-old woman has reportedly admitted to authorities that her claim of being sexually assaulted in a bathroom at the University of Hawaii at Hilo was not true.

The unnamed woman had told police that she was attacked by a man with a knife in a campus restroom earlier this month, Hawaii News Now reported. She described the attacker and his getaway vehicle, but detectives noticed some discrepancies in her story during their investigation. Police said the woman eventually confessed that she made up the assault.

The school has been taken to task last week for not alerting students about the alleged crime until two days after the supposed incident.

“Although we had our doubts, we needed to warn them because we were getting flack from parents saying our kids should be warned,” Jerry Chang, the school’s director of university relations, stated.

The woman who made the sexual assault claim reportedly worked as a student helper for a UH Hilo faculty member and was taking classes at Hawaii Community College.

Big Island Now notes that a false report case has been initiated, according to police. False reporting is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.

The school has said that stronger security measures will stay in place, even though the report was false.

No explanation was given as to why the woman made up the story.

Sources: Hawaii News Now, Big Island Now


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