Woman Claims Her Breasts Went Up Three Cup Sizes Thanks to Hypnotherapy

A British woman claims hypnotherapy enlarged her chest three cup sizes.

Single mother, Ashley Weller, 26, says she was unhappy with her breast size, but could not afford plastic surgery. However, she could afford $1,400 (£900) per session with hypnotherapist and counseling psychologist Felix Economakis in London. After three hour-long sessions, Weller says she went from a 36C to a 36E.

“A boob job can cost around £4,000 [$6,225] but I’d never have been able to afford that,” said Weller, who spent $4,200 on hypnotherapy instead.

Economakis claims all he does is command the parts of the patient’s brain that play an essential role hormones to encourage growth.

“The mind basically controls the body and if you know how to work with the mind you can get it to make changes in the body.” Economakis said.

“I sat in a chair and then I felt really relaxed,” Weller described her session. “The next thing I knew Felix was telling me to wake up. I felt really refreshed – like I’d just had a long sleep.

“I didn’t notice any change straight away. It wasn’t until the second session when I noticed my bra felt tight.”

Weller said she recently lost nearly 200 pounds and was disappointed with the size of her breasts.

"It goes to show there’s something out there other than surgery,” she said. “It does work. People should give it a go.”

Nottingham General Practitioner, Dr. Ian Campbell, said breast enlargement due to hypnotherapy is nearly impossible.

“Breasts can change for lots of reasons,” Campbell explained. “It can be as simple as being down to weight gain or hormonal changes. The possibility that it is as a direct result of hypnotherapy is remote or impossible.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does not suggest employers use hypnosis as part of employee tobacco-cessation support. CDC.gov says “hypnosis and acupuncture are not effective” in tobacco cessation.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Science World Report


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