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Amanda Lepore On Her 'Most Expensive Body On Earth'

Amanda Lepore On Her 'Most Expensive Body On Earth' Promo Image

Model Amanda Lepore has opened up about her numerous plastic surgeries after the recent release of her book, "Doll Parts."

Lepore, a fixture in New York's nightlife scene since the 1980s, has been called "the missing link between old New York and the current prominence of transgender divas" by nightlife columnist Michael Musto, The New York Times reports.

In "Doll Parts," co-authored with Thomas Flanney, the transgender nightlife icon shares the story of her journey from growing up in New Jersey to finding fame with New York's club kids in the '80s and '90s, according to The Cut.

Lepore's mother struggled with schizophrenia, spending much of Lepore's childhood in and out of mental hospitals. "I accepted her mental illness, the same as she accepted my femininity," writes Lepore in the book.

When she was a teenager, Lepore worked sewing costumes in a gentleman's club, where one of the transgender strippers paid her with estrogen, helping her to begin her transition. She later had sex reassignment surgery as a teenager and had a troubled marriage before leaving for New York.

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Once in the city, she worked as a dominatrix and later at the makeup counter at downtown boutique Patricia Field.

"I used to say: 'Amanda sits in the makeup department and looks at herself all day long,'" said Field. "It was a loving joke."

She was discovered in 1993 at a club by promoter Michael Alig, who was later famously convicted in a murder case.

Lepore gained popularity in the NYC club scene and eventually made money just for showing up to parties. She notably appeared on a segment of the "The Joan Rivers Show" about club kids.

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Lepore is open about discussing her many plastic surgeries, saying that she has the "most expensive body on Earth," the New York Post reports.

She revealed that she has had a $9,000 double eyelid surgery, $2,400 in cheekbone augmentation, and $5,000 in breast augmentations, among numerous other cosmetic surgeries.

"If a girl or gay guy wants to touch them out of curiosity, I'm fine with that," said Lepore or her DD-size breasts. "But with a straight guy, I feel invalidated and wonder if he is going to buy me dinner afterwards."

She also described getting a rhinoplasty for free from a doctor she met at a club.

"It healed quicker than the doctor expected and the packing gauze went down my throat," recalled Lepore.

She said she has considered getting more surgery, but is currently happy with her looks.

"I sometimes think about getting more stuff done to my body, but not really," said Lepore. "Plastic surgery is for when you don't like things ... everything I've got already looks so good."

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