Woman Caught Cooking Meth in Walmart

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If you’re going to set up a makeshift meth lab in a Walmart bathroom, don’t steal from the same Walmart. One crime at a time, people.

After a Missouri woman was busted this week for shoplifting from a local Walmart, authorities discovered that she had also been cooking meth inside the store using a soda bottle and some crude supplies.

St. Louis County police discovered a liquid sludge inside the woman’s 20-ounce soda bottle. When the sludge started to bubble and ooze, the authorities grew suspicious.

They evacuated the Walmart for safety reasons and sent the bottle to the lab, according to the Daily News.

Sure enough, the tests came back meth.

“It was a volatile situation,” St. Louis County Police Lt. Mark Cox told local TV station KMOV. “The meth lab was actively working but I don’t think anyone was in danger with the way they were able to move everyone out. It was volatile, but everybody was kept at a safe distance.

The Walmart was allowed to reopen a few hours after the bust. Both the unnamed cook and an unidentified male accomplice were arrested at the scene.

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