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Woman Bites Officer, Exposes Him To HIV

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A woman is facing numerous charges, including criminal exposure to HIV, after she reportedly attempted to escape police custody.

On Aug. 3, Dayton Smith, 38, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Memphis, Tennessee. Smith’s vehicle had dealer tags that expired a few years ago, according to WMC.

During the traffic stop, she was arrested for driving on a suspended license, having expired tags and no proof of evidence. While searching the vehicle, officers found 1 gram of crack, 0.2 grams of powder cocaine and a small bag of marijuana, reports The Commercial Appeal.

During the search, Smith was pounding on the police car’s windows, asking the officers if she could go to the restroom. One of the officers allegedly opened the door to tell her that she could go later. Smith was upset and tried to run away from the officer, who ended up tackling her to the ground.  

According to the affidavit, Smith "had her keys between her fingers and was swinging at the officer.” She deeply bit one of the officers in the left arm, drawing blood.

Both Smith and the officer were taken to the Regional Medical Center following the fight. Although Smith refused to be treated, she informed the staff that she has been diagnosed with AIDS.

Smith is currently in jail in lieu of $50,000 bail. She is facing numerous charges, including violation of financial law, violation of vehicle registration law, driving while license suspended/revoked, resisting official detention, aggravated assault, criminal exposure to HIV, possession of a controlled substance and possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture/sell/deliver.

On the Facebook pages of local media sites, various commenters were horrified at the incident, and mentioned the possibility the officer could be infected with HIV. However, a few comments were from people who knew Smith as a child.

"She didn't really know me at that time but she stood up for me when she didn't have to," said one woman, who recounted a time Smith defended her in sixth grade. "Sometimes life happens so quickly we do things that we can't take back and it sucks."

"Man I ran track with this girl in school, she was a great athlete," wrote another commenter. "This is the perfect example of what drugs can do, cool person, lost in this cycle of ignorance."

Sources: WMC, The Commercial Appeal, WREG News/Facebook, The Commercial Appeal/Facebook / Photo credit: Police photo via Misee Harris

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