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Woman Being Monitored For Ebola Dies In New York City

Officials are worried that Ebola may have returned to New York City after a woman who was being monitored for the virus died on Tuesday afternoon.

Witnesses say the woman, who traveled to Guinea three weeks ago, was spotted at Amy Professional African Hair Braidig in Brooklyn with blood “coming from her face, nose and mouth,” reports the Daily Mail.

The 40-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was reportedly visiting the owner of the beauty salon when workers were told she had a heart attack. This is the first they are hearing about her being monitored for Ebola after returning home from the West African nation three weeks ago.

The woman was not a healthcare professional and, for that reason, was not reportedly required to be placed under quarantine for 21 days. She had not displayed Ebola symptoms and health officials were monitoring her out of an “abundance of caution,” reports the New York Daily News.

Sources say members of the FDNY responded to the incident and changed into Hazmat suits before entering the business. They have reported that no bodily fluids left the woman’s body. The beauty salon was not reportedly evacuated and its employees were not decontaminated, according to one of its workers.

Sources: Daily Mail, New York Daily News

Photo Credit: Facebook, Theodore Parisienne/New York Daily News


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