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Woman Bathes In Bleach To Treat Eczema, Burns 98 Percent Of Her Body

An Australian woman suffering from eczema was reportedly told by a skin specialist to soak in a bath with bleach and the treatment has left her with burns on 98 percent of her body.

Sarah Cole, 29, mixed one cup of bleach in her bath water in order to treat her eczema, as instructed.

Cole had some pain in the bleach bath but it was not until two days later that she developed serious complications.

“Two days (after the bath) I woke up shaking like crazy, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t talk so my partner called the ambulance and I was taken to hospital where I was taken to ICU,” Cole told The Daily Telegraph. “Two and a half weeks later I was taken to Concord Hospital in Sydney where thankfully they saved my life."

Cole had to be hospitalized for one month in intensive care and a burns unit recovering from the injuries and scarring she obtained from the bleach bath, The Daily Mail reports.

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Her condition was so dire her family was preparing for the worst — her death.

“My poor parents were pretty much planning my funeral,” Cole said. “My partner was looking at selling up his house because he didn’t want to be here if I couldn’t be here with the kids.”

Cole, a mother of three, says she initially balked at the skin specialist who suggested she bathe in bleach but he was able to convince her it was a legitimate treatment for eczema.

“I can remember saying to him ‘there’s no way in hell I’m going to bath in bleach, that’ll burn like crazy’ but he said to me and my mum ‘no, no, you have to try it,’” Cole said.

“You don’t expect someone that qualified to give you bad information,” she said.

After being released from the hospital, Cole performed research on the bleach bath treatment and discovered it is a known remedy but only a quarter of the amount of bleach she used is the maximum amount suggested.

Cole found warnings that stated using over a half a cup could cause severe burns.

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“I’m scarred from head to toe so I’ve got a lot of horrible scars that I’m trying to deal with,” Cole said.

Cole’s parents are caring for two of her three children because she is in too much pain and her immune system is too weak to be around them.

A FundRazr account has been set up by a friend of Cole's family to help pay for her ongoing medical treatment.

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