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Woman Awakes from Coma to Learn She is Three Months Pregnant

When Gemma Holmes woke up from a coma last year after a motor-vehicle accident, she had no memory of the last three years of her life. When doctors told her she was 12 weeks pregnant, Holmes did even not recall having a relationship — but still she vowed to keep her child, despite warnings that it would jeopardize her fragile health.

“I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash then he was meant to be,” stated Holmes.

Before she awoke, per the Wiltshire Times, doctors had already informed Holmes’s mother, Julie Brown, about the pregnancy. Despite the possible danger to her daughter, Brown decided it was best to allow Holmes to make the decision for herself.

And in May, Holmes gave birth to Ruben Miracle Holmes, a 5lbs-15oz boy, via cesarean section at Royal United Hospital in Bath, England. Giving natural birth would likely have killed her.

Said Holmes, “The nurses at the hospital were all absolutely brilliant, which helped put me at ease. My mum has been amazing and helps me out a lot, but I can feed him and I also changed his nappy for the first time the other day.”

Throughout the pregnancy, Holmes was unable to take painkillers for fear the medication may harm her baby. As a result, she suffered excruciating pain from her injuries. She was also unable to have the back surgery she needs, and will wait until she is finished breast-feeding.

Stated Holmes, “The doctors will have to break my back again and put metal plates in. I will then have up to two more years in the wheelchair, before they think I may be able to walk and run with my baby.”

Holmes was admitted to the hospital after her motor scooter crashed into a parked car near Westbury, England. She suffered major head and neck injuries from the incident — yet somehow both she and her baby survived, making “Miracle” a fitting middle moniker for the child.


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