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Woman With Alzheimer's Lived in Home With Dead Husband For Month

Doris Kirby, who has Alzheimer’s disease, lived with the dead body of her late husband Jesse Kirby for one month.

The Associated Press reports that the Decatur, Ala. woman was unaware that her husband, 76, had died.

Jesse's body was found by police who were checking on the couple per a relative's request, according to Morgan County Coroner Jeff Chunn.

Jesse died of natural causes in his sleep about a month ago, said Chunn.

Jesse's corpse was inside a bedroom, which had a closed door. while Doris, 78, lived in other parts of the house.

“I don’t think she even realized what was going on when [EMTs] came to take her to the hospital,” added Chunn.

Sadly, two dogs died of starvation and were found in the bedroom, reports WAFF.

Neighbor Dean Hayes said the couple rarely went outside, so no one suspected there was a dead body in the home.

The Kirbys' children were described as "loners" who didn't know their dad had died.

Sources: Associated Press and WAFF


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