Mommy Vlogger Says She Breastfed Baby During Sex (Video)

Mommy Vlogger Says She Breastfed Baby During Sex (Video) Promo Image

A San Diego-based mommy vlogger has come under fire for a video (below) in which she said that she had breastfed her baby while having sex.

Tasha Maile, who vlogs under the name "Spiritual Tasha Mama" and calls herself a "vegan breastfeeding mama," has responded to critics of her controversial video, telling commenters to "get your panties out of a bunch," the Daily Mail reports. 

"We are pleasure beings, we are meant to enjoy sex and pleasure and all things orgasmic and all things can be orgasmic," said Maile in the clip, Maxim reports. "I’ve had a lot of people ask me if it’s okay to breastfeed and have sex."

"From what I remember, I remember sleeping with my ex-husband and my son was on me breastfeeding and we would have sex from behind or something," added Maile. "There’s nothing bad about making love at all, ever."

According to Maile, the baby, who was "attached to me 24/7," was asleep at the time, and was not "involved" in the sexual act. "If you actually listen," said Maile, "my three-month-old would not allow me to put him down at all."

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"Sex is a beautiful thing," said the mom. "I think we can all agree with that."

The mom has previously been criticized for posting videos and images of her children breastfeeding, which some have even labeled as "incestuous," to her large social media following, 

"What is the point in posting this?" said one commenter. "Breastfeeding is personal and should be treated as such. (Six years old is a tad bit old to be breastfed. I'm thinking that's more for her benefit than the child's at that age.)"

"Breastfeed all ya want. Do it wherever ya want. Sitting next to me in a restaurant...I don't care," commented another user. "But posting pictures on social media? Sorry... going too far."

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"I find this video very disturbing," wrote another. "She wants viewers to believe this is a natural mother and child bonding while breastfeeding."

Others, however, encouraged Maile and supported her breastfeeding.

"That's what I've always told my kids. Cows milk IS for calves and breastmilk is for humans," said one user. "And good for her for nursing her kids till she and they are ready to wean. Her kids will be super healthy as will she."

"You go girl," commented another. "I'm just shocked you still have enough milk to feed your child because a six-year-old is no baby. Keep up the great work."

The mother of three has responded to online criticism, saying, "What other people say is 100 percent to do with them and not with you," according to The Sun. "I listen to [critics] and don't do things too perfectly anymore. I feel compassion for them."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, Maxim / Photo credit: Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr, Spiritual Tasha Mama/YouTube via Daily Mail, Tasha Maile/Instagram via The Sun

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