Doctors Remove Metal Spoon From Woman's Stomach (Photos)

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A college student in China was hospitalized after accidentally swallowing a metal spoon while eating ice cream.

The 22-year-old student was enjoying some ice cream while walking back to her dorm room when another student pushed her, South China Morning Post reported.

The woman screamed and accidentally swallowed the 5-and-a-half inch spoon. She reportedly didn’t feel the need to go to the hospital at first although she admitted that she felt “uncomfortably full.”

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After some online research, she finally decided to seek medical help. Doctors took an X-ray which showed the metal spoon lodged into the woman’s stomach. They used a medical instrument attached to a snare to retrieve the spoon.

The procedure lasted about 10 minutes and did not cause any internal bleeding.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Shangaiist

Photo Credit: SCMP, WikiCommons


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