Woman, 21, Dresses As Baby To Cope With Abuse (Video)

A 21-year-old woman in Lakeland, Florida, says that she dresses like an adult baby to cope with past sexual abuse (video below).

"I like wearing diapers because it's an instant regressor," the young woman, who identifies herself only as Jess, recently told Barcroft TV. "It's also very comforting. I don't know, it feels nice with them."

Jess also wears nappies with animal designs, drinks out of sippy cups, plays with coloring books, throws tantrums, sleeps in a huge crib and urinates in her oversized diapers.

"When I see Jess wearing diapers, I kinda feel indifferent," Jess' boyfriend, David, said.

"I only pee in them," Jess clarified. "I do not do the other thing in them. I don't know, that's just too far for me."

"Diapers aren't his thing so much as they are mine," Jess added. "But he said he is willing to learn, not changing me out of a dirty one, but initially putting me in a clean one, so we'll see."

"My favorite thing about being Jess' daddy is caring for her," David said. "Age-play is not sexually stimulating to me in any way shape or form. It is to other people, but it's not for me. It makes me happy that she's happy, that's about it."

"For me there is nothing sexual about my age-play or anything like that," Jess agreed. "For a lot of people, it's a fetish or a kink and it's in the sexual BDSM community."

Paul Joseph Watson, of the conspiracy website InfoWars.com, slammed the consenting adults: "But it’s NOT a sexual thing, they claim. YEAH RIGHT."

"In the decadent late stages of a society, bizarre and aberrant behavior becomes commonplace and is legitimized by the dominant culture," Watson added.

Jess made a statement to Barcroft TV:

I was abused when I was a toddler. I guess I think that the age-play and everything is stemmed from whatever happened in my childhood to get that innocence back that I didn't have. To relive it the way that I wanted to in a more innocent and pure way. On the other hand, I think I'd still be into it even if I wasn’t abused.

However, Watson was having none of it on Infowars.com: "Social media has created a generation of millennials whose brains have been infantilized. We’re now seeing the result -- young people with identity crises that morph into mental illnesses to the point where rolling around in diapers pissing yourself is considered to be a normal 'hobby.'"

Jess is looking for a real-life babysitter to come over a couple of days a week to go through a bedtime routine with her.

She has over 30,000 followers on Binkie Princess, her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of herself as a baby and passes on coupon codes for people to buy onesies.

Jess said that she does get "hostile and inappropriate comments" on her YouTube channel, while David added that he has been called a "pedophile," an insult he ignores.

Sources: Barcroft TV/YouTube, InfoWars.com, BinkiePrincess/YouTube / Photo credit: Barcroft TV/YouTube

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