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Woman, 104, Drinks Three Dr. Pepper Sodas Every Day (Video)

Elizabeth Sullivan recently celebrated her 104th birthday in Fort Worth, Texas, with a Dr. Pepper cake because she loves the soda so much. Apparently that's what has been the key to her long, healthy life: Three Dr. Peppers a day keeps the doctor away. 

“People try to give me coffee for breakfast. Well, I’d rather have a Dr. Pepper,” Sullivan told CBS Dallas Fort Worth (video below).

"I started drinking them about 40 years ago. Three a day and every doctor that sees me says, 'It’ll kill you,' but they die and I don’t. So there must be a mistake somewhere," Sullivan added.

WGN-TV noted that Sullivan got a gift basket from Larry Young, the CEO of Dr. Pepper Snapple.

"Well, I’m feeling good. I’m glad I’m still here, and I’m glad I’m not in a rest home. I'm glad I can read books and watch TV and have people come by and say hello," Sullivan stated.

Sources: CBS Dallas Fort Worth, WGN-TV
Image Credit: CBS Dallas Fort Worth Screenshot


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