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Witch-in-Training Mahadevi Yadav Beheads Toddler

A Nepalese woman allegedly cut off her three-year-old nephew’s head to complete a witchcraft skills training regimen, according to the Daily News.

Law enforcement officials in Nepal say that Yadav has confessed to the crime.

According to her confession, Yadav performed the ritual execution based on instructions from her witchcraft guru. “I had been learning witchcraft from Chhabilal Yadav of Haraiya for the past month,” Yadav asserted. “He told me that my witchcraft skills would be complete only after the sacrifice of the nephew.

Accordingly I took him at Bramhsthan and beheaded him on Saturday after a pooja.”

According to reports, Yadav threw the boy’s head into the Bagmati river at midnight while she buried the torso in a special room known as a “pooja.”

Police became suspicious of Yadav after she reported finding the boy’s body hours after registering a complaint with the department that the boy had gone missing. Forensic scientists have exhumed the toddler’s body and plan to conduct a full investigation.

Local rights activists are shocked by the slaying even though just last month a couple was arrested for attempting to bury their child alive on the advice of a similar guru. There is no news yet on whether Yadav’s instructor will be prosecuted.


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