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Wisconsin School District To Drug Test High School Students

The Crivitz School District in Wisconsin is planning to perform random drug testing on high school students this fall.

School district athletic director Jeff Dorschner told WBAY that the drug testing will act as a deterrence: police will not be notified, but parents will be told.

Students who take part in extracurricular activities or purchase parking passes on school property are subject to having their bodily fluids analyzed at the Bay Area Medical Center in Marinette, which is funding the testing.

Five students will be randomly chosen via computer every two weeks to have their urine tested. If the test comes back positive, the youngsters will be issued a violation, be suspended from their extracurricular activities and will need to attend counseling.

According to the Peshtigo Times, Dorschner has been pushing for the drug testing since May. "As athletic director here,” Dorschner told the Crivitz School Board. “I want things cleaned up."

Sources: WBAY, Peshtigo Times / Photo credit: WBAY Screenshot


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