Wisconsin Lawmaker Blocks Bill That Would Help Cancer Patients (Video)


Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Republican, admits there are enough votes to pass a bill that would require insurance plans to cover chemotherapy drugs (pills and medications) equally.

The bill would bring down drug prices dramatically for cancer patients, but Fitzgerald will not allow the vote because he says most Republicans don't support it, notes WSAW.

According to RawStory.com, many cancer patients will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars or they won't be able to get their life-saving medications (video below).

In an amazing coincidence, Fitzgerald's brother, Jeff, just happens to be a lobbyist for health insurance companies that oppose the bill.

Twenty-nine other states have passed similar laws.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported yesterday, “Whatever his motivations, Fitzgerald is singlehandedly blocking a bill that most of his colleagues support and that could help people — probably some of his own constituents.”

Sources: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, RawStory.com, WSAW


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