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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding (Video)

Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin signed two bills on Feb. 18 that will slash millions of dollars for Planned Parenthood, which serves about 60,000 people in the state (video below).

The first bill, SB 238, will limit how much Planned Parenthood can bill taxpayers via Medicaid for prescription drugs, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Planned Parenthood said this measure will cost it an estimated $4 million a year. The bill doesn't specifically name Planned Parenthood but directly affects the organization because the bill is aimed at clinics linked to abortion services.

"The law is directed just at Planned Parenthood," Nicole Safar, of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, told The Associated Press. "It's to cut our funding so we can't provide services. Legal action is certainly on the table. The law singles out Planned Parenthood."

The second bill, AB 310, prevents Wisconsin from forwarding any Title X money from the federal government to organizations or their affiliates that provide abortion services, which could cost Planned Parenthood $3.5 million.

Walker told reporters that AB 310 wasn't targeting Planned Parenthood specifically but will stop taxpayer dollars from going to "controversial entities like Planned Parenthood," according to the Journal Sentinel.

Walker signed the bills at Life's Connection, a faith-based facility in Waukesha Wisconsin, that offers "free abortion option services," according to its website.

Those "free" services include "pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, pregnancy verification, counseling and educational programs," but no abortions, contraception or medical treatments.

"It really is disingenuous to be talking about cuts to health care at an organization that provides religious counseling, but no health care," Safar told the AP.

Sources: AP via CBS News, Life's Connection, Journal Sentinel / Photo Credit: Journal Sentinel via YouTube

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